Photo by Joe Johnson

Our names are Wes Kuhnley and Peter Bregman. We've been working together and building high quality equipment for guitar players, studio professionals, and high-fidelity audio connoisseurs for the better part of a decade. We're also musicians, recording engineers, music lovers, band members, and all-around passionate people. We believe this shows in everything we design and build.

Resonant Electronic Design started one afternoon as we were discussing guitar tones for a record, and realized that we didn't like most of the tonal options commonly available. We tossed some ideas around, consumed some beer, and decided we could do better. With the goal of producing the highest quality products possible, and with an engineering-first ethic in mind, we fired up our function generator and oscilloscope, and set to the work ahead.

The results of our toil are products built to a higher standard. We believe in solid engineering, quality components, and an ethical, sustainable business model. To us, there is no other way to build a product. We use American components whenever possible, and we do all of the machining, powder-coating, engraving, and cabinetry locally. Because of our dedication is to the highest quality product, we offer a lifetime warranty and mean it.

Of course, it all started out with tone, and that's what really matters anyway. Listen to our products. Turn them up really loud. We think you'll hear where we're coming from.