Ou amps are far more than your run-of-the-mill boutique guitar amplifiers. When other builders might settle for mimicking, or even directly copying vintage amps, we decided to boil down our favorite tones from across the pond to their very essence. Take the chime of an AC30, the grind of a metal panel Marshall, the guttural response of a JTM45...and let those tones steep and stew for a year or two. This is an amp that has been imbued with the flavors of these iconic amps.

We started with a simple dual-channel topology. Pre and Post controls affect both volume and gain structure, and each of the controls is interactive with the tone stack. This design is simultaneously simple, and yields a myriad of useful tones. Transparent spring reverb circuitry on the first channel, and a transparent parallel FX loop on the second allows even more tonal flexibility, without compromising your dry tones. Channel, Reverb & FX loop bypass switches, and an innovative Shadow Loop feature are all included the supplied footswitch, which allows simple and immediate control over the amplifier system and allows you to seamlessly integrate your pedalboard as well. We combined all the necessary features, an intuitive control set, and a no-nonsense design to create an amplifier that is not easily equalled at any price point.

At Resonant, we're incredibly proud of our real-world, engineering-first approach. All our products use only the best components, tubes, transformers, chassis, and cabinetry, so our products are built for life on the road, even if 'the road' only leads to the local bar.

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