What makes a RESONANT ELECTRONIC DESIGN product worthy of my hard-earned dollars?

First and foremost, not only are we musicians and tech-geeks, we're also audio engineers and producers. We've played and recorded more pieces of gear than most other builders have seen in their lives. Some were good, some were great, but most inspired us to build something better. We're also well-schooled in the world of design, both electrical and mechanical. Knowing what really matters to an amplifier or pedal is ESSENTIAL to designing a product that can last for decades and sound good the entire time. We could go on and on about our amazing customer service, bullet-proof build techniques, and lifetime warranty, but we would prefer to let our products speak for themselves.

Where can I find RESONANT products?

Resonant products can be found at one of our dealers. If there is no dealer near you, please send us an email.

Can I get my Resonant Amp in a different color, or with my favorite speaker?

Of course! Colors shown on the website are our favorite schemes, and we use Weber Speakers because we're big fans of high-quality speakers. But if you prefer pink, purple (Viking fans?), or any other hue, we'd be happy to oblige. Hardwood cabinetry is also available for an additional charge. Speakers too, although we've spent a considerable amount of time finding the best drivers in the world for our products, we're happy to fulfill requests. Pick a brand, any brand, or send us your favorite.

Is it true all of your products are built with PCB's?

Yes. To be perfectly blunt about it, there's no good reason not to use printed circuit boards. For the last 50 years, music has been made with, recorded by, and played back on pieces of equipment built on PCB's. It's entirely possible to design great sounding, durable products that will outlive their owners using PCBs. Yes, this flies in the face of conventional "booteek" wisdom, but we dare anyone out there to prove us wrong...in fact, we'll buy you a scotch if you can.

Does my Field Effects pedal require a DC adapter?

Graviton Boost and Manifold Drive pedals built before summer 2011 require the use of a center positive DC adaptor, which was supplied with the pedal. All pedals built after summer 2011 can be used with a standard center negative DC supply without the need for an adaptor. If you're not sure which one you have, take a look at this diagram.

The adapter included with my pedal slips out of the DC jack sometimes, should I send it back for repair?

No. In the rare event this happens, there is a quick and easy fix. Find a small jeweler's screwdriver or knife and gently pry the two halves of the center pin apart ever so slightly. This creates a little tension on the adapter as it is inserted in the jack, and holds it securely.