Grand Reef

Grand Reef

Can you think of an underwater wonderland where you can relax with a tropical water motif and win some serious money at the same time? A Caribbean casino hotel? What if I told you a fourteen hour flight wasn’t necessary? What if I mentioned the Great Barrier Reef? What’s that? You’re not living in Australia? I’m talking about the Grand Reef Casino. And you don’t need to be an Australian to reach this gambling paradise. It is open all the time to anyone on earth, no matter where you are. Even if you’re on the International Space Station and have some time to kill between missions, and don’t mind running up an internet tab.

The Grand Reef casino is a top level gambling establishment by any measure. It rivals all the top dogs in the industry. It just does things a bit differently. Whether it’s because they don’t need to be posers, or because they just want to be more pleasant, the owners of the Grand Reef decided they did not need to go all out and pretend to be a French Riviera or Las Vegas casino wannabe. They went with the cooling, soothing, relaxing underwater paradise theme. Take a look at their website right now and tell me that it isn’t the most appealing homepage for an online casino you have ever seen. Dig a bit deeper. You will find so much useful information there that this review practically doesn’t need to exist. The Grand Reef is open and up front. They detail everything you need to know about the casino openly. And why not? They are by far one of the most appealing online casino destinations on the planet.

The first thing that will stand out is how up front they are about their security and the fact that you can gamble with them with peace of mind. They proudly present you with data from TST. TST is short for Technical Systems Testing. You might not have heard of them, but they are the very same company that makes sure many of the world’s state lotteries operate fairly. Think about this. They check state lotteries. These are gambling systems big enough for a country to run. They are the ones checking the Grand Reef casino software for you, making sure it is reliable and safe, and worthy of your time. And the verdict? It most certainly is all of the above. Military grade encryption and firewalls. A random number generator that does not quit. There are no patterns here because the Grand Reef casino has licensed one of the most sophisticated random number generators the world has ever seen.

The entire casino is built up on top of a Playtech skeleton. Rest assured that this is a very, very good thing. Playtech is the brash new kid on the block in the world of casino software and they are famous for such great casinos as Eurogrand. They have the most recent advances in RNG algorithms to date built right in to their platform. This is what makes the casino work the way it does. The bonus on top of this is the fact that Playtech invests a lot of research and development in creating the most advanced games on the market. Their games aren’t just flashy. They are deep and intelligent. Their slot machines don’t just show you pretty pictures, they provide you with storylines and engage you and pull you in. They are a bit like cinematic video games with the added benefit that they can also pay you some serious cash prizes.

Any old casino can take software from a company like Playtech and go live. The Grand Reef goes further, however. They don’t believe it is enough to just license the software and call it a day. They have a dedicated team of designers ensuring the experience is dressed up properly. Playing at the Grand Reef is different than playing at any other casino. Everything at the Grand Reef shows a high degree of polish and quality. Right down the their choice of games. You see, they didn’t just go and plunk the entire games catalog from Playtech’s servers onto their own. They cherry picked only the best of the best and made them fit in with their own aesthetic. You won’t find endless rows of the same old games here. You won’t find outdated and, let’s face it, boring games at the Grand Reef. What you will find instead are the very latest and most advanced pieces of gambling software currently available. And the good news is that this is an ongoing process. They are constantly adding new and better games and eliminating old and tired ones.

For many of you, this is all fine and dandy, but what will influence you in the end is the bonus. So…is there a good bonus at the Grand Reef casino? Yes. Is it a mega bonus worth $5,000 or $10,000? No. It isn’t. I’m sorry to disappoint you. Don’t go running yet, though. Hear this out. Their bonus is worth $750. Bear in mind that this is not a small amount of money to receive for free. But what makes this truly special is the fact that the wagering requirement you need to fulfill in order to withdraw this money is very easy to get through. Sure, you might get $10K at some other casino, but that’s money you’ll have to merely use as bankroll. You will never see a red cent of the bonus principal. Play smart at the Grand Reef, however, and you might just be taking home your winnings on top of the $750. And that is a real gift.

Don’t forget that there is more to a casino than just a casino bonus. The Grand Reef has a healthy VIP ladder system. The more you play, the higher up you go, and the better the perks you receive. Loyalty points can be exchanged for cash. You will get invited to special tournaments with amazing prizes. You might even get to see the Great Barrier Reef yourself on one of the many vacation packages you can win. Like electronics? There are vouchers up for grabs that can be used to buy tablets or laptops. And no review of the Grand Reef casino would be complete without a mention of the spectacular progressive jackpots tied in with the Playtech network. These particular games grow disproportionately fast because they are shared by several casinos at the same time. Several people win these every year and the jackpots are not trivial by any means. You might be thinking hundreds of thousands of dollars. You would be wrong. Think literally millions of dollars.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, let me spell it out. You owe it to yourself to play at the Grand Reef casino. Don’t even wait. Don’t roll the dice. Don’t pass GO. Go directly to sign up at the Grand Reef and see for yourself what a top tier casino should look like, and what casinos in the future will all aspire to be.